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Transportation is an indispensable element of modern life for people, and with the market segmentation of China's logistics industry, the number of logistics enterprises and personnel is showing a rapid growth trend. The traditional operation mode and the method of collecting and dispatching goods cannot scientifically conduct dynamic dispatching in real-time, and fully and reasonably utilize transportation capacity. Dispatch services can only be notified through voice signals or paging methods, which is not conducive to improving response time and has seriously affected the economic benefits and competitiveness of enterprises. Smooth transportation is crucial for the prosperity and economic development of cities. Stable and safe communication, simple and efficient dispatch and command, can effectively coordinate transportation resources, plan transportation routes, and thereby improve transportation efficiency.


In response to the business needs and work difficulties of the transportation industry, and to improve the efficiency of the industry, Lisheng offer a public network radio logistics transportation solution. Based on high reliable positioning performance, it expands the radio dispatching  business to a nationwide scale, integrating personnel management and positioning systems. Provide security for logistics personnel, driver and vehicle safety, optimize resource allocation.  Provide diverse services for logistics industry, improve efficiency, reduce operating costs, achieve modernization of management, reflect people-oriented. The main application terminals are the MAC series, which have three types: handheld, vehicle, and recording.

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