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AP3500 NXDN Digital Mobile Radio


AP3500 NXDN provides user-friendly interface and keypad for easy operation. Support GPS/Beidou/GLONASS positioning, which can be realized GPS/Beidou/GLONASS position information transmission, combined with command and dispatch software, can be intuitively view the location of people on the map and make voice calls with them.

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AP3500 radios employ NXDN, an FDMA digital air interface with AMBE+2™ voice coding technology, with forward error correction and unique filtering to obtain superior coverage even at weak RF signal strengths.

The NXDN air interface is capable of fitting into both 12.5 kHz and 6.25 kHz bandwidth channel operation to ensure rock-steady frequency stability, exceeding all regulatory and emissions mask requirements in all bands.

Analog / Digital Mode

AP3500 supports digital DMR and analog two modes to realize analog to digital upgrade and it can compatible with users'ooriginal analog devices.In the harsh communication conditions, digital mode has better performance than analog mode, and the voice is much clearer. 12.5kHz frequency bandwidth can offer two-channels voice communication, effectively improving the spectrum utilization efficiency.

NXDN Convention / NXDN Trunking

AP3500 supports 2 digital modes: DMR Convention and DMR Trunking

DMR Digital Trunking system is a large scale communication system that can cover a large area and communicate with multiple groups of users at the same time. n the trunking mode, AP3500 can offer rich calling applications through single-call, group call, group call and other calling functions.


The free slot can be allocated to enhance frequency efficiency and timelyresponse under emergency.

Beidou/GPS Positioning (Optional)

AP3500 has built-in Beidou /GPS positioning module, which can support Beidou /GPS positioning data transmission under both conventional and trunking modes. In the trunking mode, the dispatcher can directly communicate with target communication units which selecting from the map

Reliable and Durable

AP3500 can meet with IP54 standard, its structure is reliable and durable. lt has outstanding performance on Shock AND Vibration and other harsh operating environment.

Application fields

Highways, Urban comprehensive law enforcement, Transportation and other fields which requiring long-distance communication and high reliability.

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Output Power High power:25W 
Low power:10W
Channel interval Analog:12.5kHz / 25kHz
Transmitting -36dBm(≤1 GHz) 
-30dBm(>1 GHz)
FM Modulation 16K0F3E @25kHz 
8K0F3E @12.5kHz 
4K00F1D @6.25kHz
Audio Distortion ≤1% @ 40% deviation
Audio Response +1 ~ -3dB
FM Sound and noise 40dB @12.5KHz 
45dB @25KHz
Number FSK Error <2%
Neighboring power 60dB @12.5KHz 
70dB @25KHz
Sensitivity Simulation 0.22μV(FM@12dB SINAD) 
0.18μV(typ.) (FM@12dB SINAD) 
0.3μV(FM20dB SINAD)
Sensitivity Number 0.30μV(typ.) (@ 5% BER)
Adjacent Channel 
60dB @ 12.5kHz
70dB @ 25kHz
Inter-modulation 65dB @ 12.5kHz 
65dB @ 25kHz
Block 90dB @ 12.5kHz 
90dB @ 25kHz
Spurious Response 
70dB @ 25kHz 
70dB @ 25kHz
Rated Audio Powe 3W / 8Ω
Conducted Emission
Rated Audio Output
5W(Built -in)
Output Power 5W(4Ω External)
Frequecy Range 136—174MHz/

Channel Interval Analog:12.5kHz /25kHz
Channel Capacity 500/ 32 zones
Power Aupply 
Stand-by Current <0.6A
Receiving Current <2A
Transmitting current 10W  <4A
25W  <7A
Vocal Code Type AMBE+2
Frequency Stability ±1.0ppm
Antenna Impedance 50Ω
Screen Pixel 160*128px
Dimension 45×160×160mm
Weight about 1.5kg
Operating Temperature -30℃ ~ +60℃

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